Los Angeles, CA  

San Francisco, CA

New York, NY

London, UK



                                  Emerson College, Boston, MA

                                  Bachelor of Arts in Film Production,

                                  concentration in Writing/Directing

                                  Minor:  Photography

                                  May 2004

                                  Cum Laude 


        —We Are Scandinavia, LLC, Oakland, CA

                    Founder, Creative Director, Director 2013 — current

                            -Owner/Founder of production company and creative agency

                           -Create content for broadcast, print and editorial

                                         commercials, music videos, narrative, print

                            -Form identity and backbone of company and its image

                           -Maintain client relationships and accounts 



                    —Hunter S. Thompson, Woody Creek, CO

                    Writing Assistant, Cinematographer, Photographer Winter 04 —Winter 05

                              -Document trips/events/life (photo and video)*

                              -Assist in the writing of weekly columns, various articles for 

                                Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, ESPN and Playboy

                             -*Footage used in Starz's Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

                             -*Footage used in Academy Award Winning Director Alex

                                Gibney's documentary, Gonzo


               —OB Management, UK, NYC

                     Director, Cinematographer, Editor, 2012 — Current

                               -Director on roster



                    —Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, OR

                     Director, Cinematographer, Editor 2010—Spring 2011 (Freelance)

                               -Editor on “Old Spice Goes Viral” campaign

                               -Director/cinematographer on WK12: Where are they now?

                               -Cinematographer on WK Global Interviews


                    —MTV, New York, NY

                    Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Editor Fall 04 — Fall 05 & Winter 2012 

                                -Write, direct, shoot, and edit short spots for various MTV/

                             MTV2 campaign launches, including MTV's

                             "Think" campaign

                                - Direct MTV PUSH campaign with A$AP ROCKY 


                     —THE SIGHTS OF SOUNDS, Portland, OR              

                      Founder, Director, Cinematographer    2010—Current   

                               -Started unique at-home concert experience via the internet

                             -Shoot bands in intimate and beautiful environments



                    —Jigsaw Productions, New York, NY

                    Director of Photography, Camera Operator, 2008 - 2009

                               -Director of Photography for documentary by

                                 Academy Award Winning director Alex Gibney

                               -Archival footage provided for documentary Gonzo


                    —Douglas Brinkley, New Orleans, LA

                    Photographer, Writing Assistant Fall '05

                                -Aid in rescue effort of Hurricane Katrina victims while...

                                 -Conduct interviews/research certain zones of N.O. for

                                   Douglas' book, "The Great Deluge"

                                -Photograph wreckage for book and website 

                    —Grease Not Gas, Portland, OR

                    Cinematographer/Writer/Director 2004—2010

                                -Direct/edit 2006 film Wheels on Meals

                                -Promote Grease Not Gas' message of living with a        

                                 minimal imprint on the earth through 


                                -Assist in creation of new ways to promote Grease Not Gas'

                                 vegetable oil-powered vehicles and educational tours


                   —Nikita Clothing, Reykjavik, Iceland

                   Writer, Director, Cinematographer Spring '07—2011

                                 -Write and direct commercials for clothing brand

                                 -Design film/visual direction for brand


                   —Snowboarder Magazine, San Juan Capistrano, CA

                   Senior Editor Summer '07—Summer '08

                   Associate Editor Summer '05—Summer '07

                                 -Create original content for magazine

                                 -Responsible for major part of editorial voice

                                 -Proof read/edit contributors articles

                                 -Hire/manage new writers


                   —Method Magazine, Innsbruck, Austria

                   Staff Writer/Producer Fall '06—Current

                                -Create original content for magazine

                                -Produce photo shoots


                   —Modart Magazine, London, England

                   Writer, Winter '05 — 2011

                                 -Write feature articles and small columns for magazine


                   —Radical Media, Santa Monica, CA

                   Production Assistant, Spring '04 

                                 -Assist directors (Dave Meyers, Chris Milk) in pre-production

                                  and production of commercials/music videos

                                 -Write/edit music video/commercial treatments



                  Computer Experience:  Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Photoshop,          

                  Word, Mac OSX, Final Draft   

                  Camera Experience:  (video) Panasonic HVX-200, (most other digitals)   

                 (film) Bolex, CP900, ArriFlex